ConvEx is an independent financial institution, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
We provide independent advice and expert services on convertible bonds and derivatives.

Who is ConvEx?

ConvEx is a regulated financial institution, providing independent and expert advice and services to issuers and investors of convertible bonds and users of derivatives
  • Equity-linked securities (convertibles and exchangeables) are highly-flexible securities that can provide unique economic and structural benefits for issuers, while appealing to a broad group of investors.
  • Equity derivatives can provide companies and investors with a broad range of solutions and opportunities to invest in or dispose of equity, de-risk or leverage their investments, or achieve strategic goals relating to a subsidiary or a company’s own equity.
  • The flexibility and variety of these instruments means that while they can be very useful, they can also become very complex, and many users will not be fully aware of how to manage this complexity.
  • At ConvEx we provide independent expertise on these types of transactions for our clients, ensuring they can benefit from the instrument while managing their risks at the same time.
  • All of our clients are important to us, regardless of the size of a project. We appreciate their trust in us, and will always do our best to meet their needs.


What we do for our clients


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