ConvEx is an independent financial institution, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
We provide independent advice and expert services on convertible bonds and derivatives.

For Issuers of Bonds

ConvEx also provides calculation agency services to issuers of non-convertible securities. This can range from the calculation of simple or accrued interest, through to make-whole valuations in the event of an early redemption for whatever reason By appointing ConvEx, the issuer will:
  • Minimise risk of errors by obtaining external, expert assistance from an independent third party
  • Drastically cut the time and internal resources allocated to performing the relevant calculations
  • Have ConvEx take responsibility for the calculations – in the absence of a Calculation Agent such responsibility solely lies with the issuer
  • Have support of a name trusted by the market
Unique among calculation agents, our service is:
  • Expert – all calculations are performed in-house by professionals with convertible bonds structuring experience with deep understanding of these markets and who understand and can explain the rationale and mechanics behind the adjustments
  • Pro-active – we work with our clients before the adjustment event occurs
  • Interactive – we show our clients how the calculation will be performed – no surprises
  • Advisory-based – we work with our clients to ensure they understand what we are doing
  • Cost-efficient – as a specialist firm, we price our services very competitively


What we do for our clients


ConvEx’s Projects and Clients