ConvEx is an independent financial institution, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
We provide independent advice and expert services on convertible bonds and derivatives.

For Users of Derivatives

Independent advice and valuation

ConvEx provides INDEPENDENT, CONFIDENTIAL ADVICE to companies using equity derivatives. Transactions on the company’s own shares
  • Employee share options
  • Warrants
  • Convertible bond hedging / call spread overlays
  • Structured share buybacks / accelerated share repurchases / VWAP minus transactions
  • Structured share dribble-outs / VWAP plus transactions
  • Contingent equity facilities
Transactions on shares in a subsidiary or other company
  • Stake hedging: puts / collars
  • Stake financing: margin loans / collared financings
  • Leveraged investments in another company
  • Structured share purchases / accelerated share purchases / VWAP minus transactions
  • Structured share sell-downs / VWAP plus transactions
  • Exchangeable bond hedging
  • M&A-contingent hedging
Understanding and managing your risks
  • We understand how the banks think about and structure these transactions
  • How will the transaction be executed?
  • How will the bank manage its risks?
  • What might be the market impact?
  • How might the transaction behave in a future unwind?
  • We can help you understand how the transaction will behave
  • We can give you confidence that the pricing is fair
  • As an independent advisor, we can analyse and outline the risks and benefits for you


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